Acuity Scheduling and Square automatic receipts not working

Hi everyone, 


When I process a payment through out Acuity scheduling for my clients they do not receive receipt by email, so I have to do manually every single time. Do you know how this can be fixed?


Thank you all, 


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Hey there, @Annam


Have you reached out Acuity Scheduling Support directly? They can rule out issues on their end, then we can take a look at it on our end. 


I will keep an eye out for your reply👀

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I have the exact same question/issue: 

I am using Acuity to schedule appointments, clients pay-in-full at the time of scheduling, and I am using Square to process those payments. 

I set up a receipt format in Square that I want the clients to receive, but during my test of this integrated booking/payment system, it does not appear that clients receive a receipt for payment from Square.  

Please actually tell us how to make this happen,

or clarify if it is not technically possible so I can find a different business solution, and/or convey this requirement to the developers between both companies to write the code to make it feasible. 

thank you.

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And I have asked Acuity Scheduling Support and they defer to the payment processing company...so each refers to the other. 

It seems that the integration system could be improved so that when payment is processed through Square via Acuity, receipts in the format created in Square are autogenerated and sent to the client and/or that this should be an option somewhere within Square. 


thank you, I look forward to hearing back. 


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Hi @Kassi_ and everyone in Tech Squere team. 

As you can see this is ongoing issue, and instead leaving this to your customers to go back and forth between your platform and Acuity how about you two teams set up a meeting and fix this so customer experience can be excellent as it was?


I did reach to Acuity and they are saying issue is on your end. So no one has a time to play this hot potato game and it is not your customers job at the end to fix issues.








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Has there been any updates to this issue? I too use Acuity scheduling and process payment via Square and need a simple option for my clients to automatically receive a receipt via email.


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I second this!  I've been using Acuity for two years but hate that it does not allow receipts to be sent.  As a business owner I don't really want to be spending my time answering emails asking for a receipt and then going over to square, finding their transaction, inputting their email address, and sending them the receipt.  For an app so functional you think this would be an easy fix on their end.

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Has this been fixed? My clients are also having issues not being able to receive their receipts from Square when their appointments are handled through Acuity.


Please let me know as soon as possible if this is able to be fixed. We are a growing company and will need to find a new solution ASAP if Square cannot create a better integration for this.

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Hi @washdco and welcome to the Community.


Acuity is a third party with us so you'll need to reach out to them directly as @Kassi_ mentioned above.



Ashley C
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Acuity has stated they have nothing to do with automatic receipts. The only people who have anything to do with receipts is Square. So where do we go from here?  I have a client who needs receipts for a lawsuit their legal team is working on against a major corporation. 

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Sounds like we still don't have a fix to this. Our customers are extremely frustrated. Is this something you can address?

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I'm trying to figure out how to send automatic receipts too. I would love if Square and Acuity could make this a possibility. Does anyone know if Calendly or any other calendars have this functionality? 

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We also use Acuity for scheduling and Square for payment processing. I have asked Acuity just last week, and same answer: contact Square. So here we are. Is this a problem with any third-party software? I don't understand where the problem is. This is very unfortunate! Makes a big difference the business owners.

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