How does shipping work if I don't choose to use Square shipping?

I've got an account with NetParcel and they check the realtime shipping rates from multiple different couriers, depending on the location being shipped to.  If I don't use Square shipping, how will shipping work when a customer orders something?

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @KC_Ore Great question! Unless you are including shipping into the cost of the item you'll want to setup some type of manual shipping rate. You will need to figure out the average cost based on where you are shipping, but you'll have the option of setting up the manual rate by weight, order total, item quantity, or flat rate.


You can also setup multiple shipping regions if you need to adjust your rules to account for distance. For example, you can create one shipping region to include states that are near you, and another region for states that are the farthest away from you. 


You can also use the Real Time Shipping rate feature if you have a Premium plan. These rates would probably be closer to what you would pay through your third party service. 



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