Opening an account in another country.

Hi there.


accordingl to your help pages, you can only use square in the country it was activated. To process cards from another country, you need to open another account in that country.


With this said, I live in Australia. I have opened an australian account (waiting on verification).


I also wish to open one in the USA. i Have a usa registered business (LLC), and also a bank account with Chase bank.

However, when i goto open the account it wants to verify my SSN.


How do i proceed with opening the account if i do not have one?


Again refering back to the support page here (https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5415-can-i-accept-multiple-currencies-with-square) This basically makes it sound like you simply sign up with ease in any country you are offering your services.


I will be using Square for when im in the US attending trade shows, and visiting local businesses when im in the US.


Please advise.



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Hi @josh9787,


Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community!



Each country Square provides payment services in has its own unique set of regulations surrounding who can take a card payment in that country, and what conditions need to be met to do so. This is why you'll find the process for signing up for a US Square account differs from that of signing up for an Australian account.



Providing an SSN is part of what's required to accept credit card payments in the US - for more info on this process please see https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/4955-sign-up-for-square-point-of-sale. If you have business partners in the US then they'd be your best bet in helping you get up and running to take payments in the US.


Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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And what if no contact in the US to be able to go on the account? how can international customers do business?


We are able to open a LLC and open a bank account with Chase bank all as an Australian citizen.


Stripe Payments, can allow you to charge in US currency with an Australian account. So looking to do the same here.


There is surely another way as there would be millions of small businesses registered only to foreingers. 



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Hey @josh9787
At the moment Square accounts are only able to accept payments in the currency of the country they're created in.
With that said, I can see how it would be useful to be able to change currencies for online sales geared towards overseas markets. I'm passing on your feedback to our product team for consideration 👍
In the meantime, if you set up online payments with an AU Square account, international customers are still able to purchase from you - their card provider will take care of currency conversion.
All the best!

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I live in Italy and want to use square in the USA to process card payments at an art fair. I understand I could probably set up a US square account but my issue is getting the money paid into my Italian account. Is this possible? Can anyone help me please? 

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Hi @DB2! Welcome to the Seller Community. 🙂


You can accept payments when traveling to the US as long as you have a US based bank account. Keep in mind, you would need to create your account while you're physically in the US and would also have to provide a SSN upon creating that account.


Check out this thread to see what our sellers are saying about international payments and accounts. There is some great information over there!


Good luck to you!

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Hello, I have a US based LLC that has a branch office in Germany. Manufacturer is shipping products to Germany and to the US; we sell online via our Webpage that is linked to Square. We therefore need one Square subscription that allows to track inventory in different currencies at different locations, geographically being in distinct zones and with different tax laws applicable for Sales/ VAT. How do we set this up? there are no two distinct SSN/ EIN numbers since the German office is a BRANCH of the US location. 


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Hey @Alfena,


Thanks for reaching out.


At the moment US Square accounts are only able to transact in USD, so if you're selling via your website to a German audience, this would all need to be done on the original site in USD, and your customers card providers would perform a local currency conversion.


Square currently supports payment processing for businesses based in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, the UK, Ireland and France. Sorry I can't be more help here! 

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Thanks Seamus - how about setting up two different locations under my US Square account - even though the only currency allowed for trading is USD, can I still set up a second location and that being in Germany? If France is do-able.. so should Germany, being they are both within the EU..?

I would like to have a second location at least set up and track inventory for two locations... independent of the currency limitation issue...

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@Alfena that should be fine for online sales from the US business.


From a terms and service perspective, Square accounts need to transact within the country they have been set up in, for a business based in that country. So German customers buying online from a website for a US based business is fine, but we won't be able to offer local processing within Germany from a German based business.


Each country has different rules and regulations to enter their respective markets to offer financial services, so it's not quite as straightforward as it first appears unfortunately! 


If you'd like to chat more about this please get in touch with our support team via http://squ.re/contact

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