Brand new reader won't connect

I've just taken my new reader out of the box and followed the set up guide in the booklet.  I already had my account all set up on my PC with my bank account confirmed, products all set up and ready to go.

My phone is next to the reader and I pressed the power button and see the 4 orange lights.  The phone asks to accept the pairing, clicked that. 

Now when I click on hardware in the app it shows my reader and that it has 96% battery.  Underneath that it says 'Unavailable'.

There is also a red bar up the top of the app that says 'Offline'.

I've gone back and forth, logged in and out.  Read forums and gone through help files on the Square website to no avail.  Did the hard reset with the 4 red lights.  Nothing works.

Do I have a lemon?  I bought it to use at my market stall on Sunday, I need it to work urgently! I live in a regional area and bought this online as it isn't available at my local Officeworks or Harvey Norman.  There is no way another can be posted to me in time.

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Hi @lokinicole,


Thanks for writing in, I noticed it's your first post, welcome to our community 👋 


Sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting your Square Reader - if you're still not able to pair it after going through these troubleshooting steps, it might be worth checking that your device is listed as compatible here. You can also reach out to our team on 1800 760 137, for further assistance. Our lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm AEST. Please let us know how you go!

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After refusing to comply with anything I did last night, I put it back in its box!

Today I have tried it again and it worked first time of course.

Hopefully it is agreeable on Sunday when I need it 🙂

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