Re: Creating invoices when traveling outside of country where I set up Square

Hey @Bridget24 and @VanKalkerFarms, Tom stepping in for Puka today.


For your first question—good news—all payments on your account are connected to the same set of reports! You'll be able to review all of the payments you've processed from the online Square Dashboard. Learn more about the reporting features here: Summaries and Reports from the Online Dashboard.


Also, thank you for pointing out the wording in that article. Even with the debut of the new Invoices app, regulations require that you must be located in the country where you activated your account to be able to process payments and send invoices. I'll be sure to surface this with the proper team members.


Really sorry for the disappointment—we'll definitely announce any developments as they become available.

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Re: Creating invoices when traveling outside of country where I set up Square

I'd be interested to know this as well as I have always wondered about using invoices outside the country.  I don't see how it would be limited as computers aren't using GPS.  Yes, they have IP based region tracking but that is irrelevant when using a VPN which you should be doing if you are traveling anyway for security.

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Square Invoices in Canada?

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I have a US account and will be in Canada. I understand I can’t process cards in Canada. Can I use Square Invoices in Canada to work around this? 

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Re: Square Invoices in Canada?

Hello @curlgurl2007


I went ahead and merged your thread with this existing one, since this question has been asked before. I recommend checking out the best answer on the first page of the thread. 

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Invoicing in the UK

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While I am conducting business in the United Kingdom, can I invoice customers via email, and have them pay the invoice?

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Re: Invoicing in the UK

Hey @knarfL, welcome to the Seller Community!


I went to check on this and it looks like another seller brought up a similar question in this thread: Creating invoices when traveling outside of country where I set up Square.


Have a look at Puka's reply for more details. Hope this helps make things more clear. Keep in touch as we're working to expand our payment options!

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