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Hi All, 

Just purchased BOTH a Square Terminal and a Square Register for two very different projects.


What is the ideal size for images to be used in the Items? Especially when using the Register.


I want to have say a pic of a hamburger that's not obscured by the text



Also any suggestions on a source of free icons I could use???


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Hi @NicholasP,


Thanks for writing back in 😊


While we don't have an image size guideline for different hardware, what we recommend for Square Online images is to aim for a size of 600–800 pixels on the longest side (with a maximum size of up to 1,000 pixels on the longest side), and the same for height. From testing on my own account, square, or landscape images look best. 


Hopefully some other sellers can recommend a source for free icons! 

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Thanks Arie for your response.


However I am NOT looking for the dimensions for ONLINE images.


but rather specifically for use on the actual Square Terminal and the new Square Register

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@NicholasP Can you post a screenshot of how text is obscuring your images so I can get a better understanding of what's happening here?


Generally I'd recommend using square shaped images for items, though I am aware that depending on the device you're using the item image display dimensions can be a little different, and may cut off the top/bottom of an image when displayed on the screen within the app.

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