Payment has not been received.

Hi guys 
I am new to sqaure and on Friday last week (currently Tuesday) I put through a payment.  I couldn't find the credit/debit card button so just ticked the cash button and got a notification that it had been accepted but the money has not come through.  How do I check on this.  Is there a possibility that it didn't debit the customer's card.  Please help.  

Thanking you Monika 

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Re: Payment has not been received.

Hey @MonikaHodkinson,


Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you've had trouble processing your transaction.


Each time you use Square to accept a payment, you have the option to process a credit card, or record a cash or other tender (eg cheque or 3rd-party gift card) payment.


The Cash and Other Tender features are available for organisational purposes only. No funds are actually processed when a payment is entered as cash or other tender, and we’re not able to process these transactions as payment card information was never actually entered into our system. The transaction will still be recorded as completed and you can still send the customer a receipt, in the same way that if you paid cash for goods at a store they'd still record that transaction and give you a receipt.


If this payment was processed as “Cash” but you intended to complete a card payment, you will need to contact your customer to arrange an alternative payment. Also, to balance out your books, you can always refund accidental Cash or Other Tender payments. Read more about issuing refunds.


If you’d like to disable the option to record Cash or Other Payment Types, or would like to move this option lower in your checkout screen, you can customise payment types at any time.


At the moment Square supports all Visa, MasterCard and American Express branded credit and debit cards Standard EFTPOS is not yet available through Square, which is why you would not have seen an option for these card types, or got a "card type not supported" error when trying to process it as a card.


We are working on a solution for EFTPOS cards and hope to have this available by the end of the year. For the moment though, to process a card via Square it will need to be via one of the Visa, MasterCard or American Express payment networks.


Hope this clears things up - please give our support team a call on 1800 760 137 if you'd like to chat more about this transaction.

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Re: Payment has not been received.

Thanks Shamus

Not really the answer I was hoping for but I have contacted the client and hope she comes good. 

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