syncing items to android phone


I have set up my dashboard and put items into the library using my computer (mac) all looks  perfect.


Problem is the items aren't transferring onto my phone ( the device I plan on using as my POS). I have an android phone, not an iPhone.


I have restarted the app, deleted and re-downloaded the app and it doesn't make a difference.


I looked on my work computer ( not a Mac) and i can also see all the items I put in.


My question is why isn't the data transferring over to my account on my phone ( same account).


I can add the items on my android on the app there is no option on the app to select the unit type i.e price per kg. Which is what I need to make the POS useful.


I only have 1 account and i have made sure the items are all in the same locations on the dashboard.


HELP! my first market stall is tomorrow and this is driving my MAD!


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