A Note on Posting Privileges & Removing Content

The beauty of the Seller Community is that we get to hear from our customers regardless of their likes and dislikes, opinions and experiences. It is a place for our sellers and Square employees to interact with each other to share ideas, tips and accurate, honest answers. As with all discussion platforms there are rules to participation. The Seller Community is governed by Square’s Terms of Service and the Community Etiquette Guidelines both of which are agreed to by community members when an account is created.


Though we reserve the right to remove content and/ or revoke posting privileges from members who violate either agreements at any time, we will err on the side of offering clear warnings before doing so. We believe in transparency and know that tensions sometimes run high, so we commit to being clear when someone’s behavior is in the grey area. We do, however, have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, profanity or any other abusive behavior towards any community members - including Square employees.

Gestora de la Comunidad de Vendedores / Seller Community Manager, Square
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