Community Guidelines

These community guidelines apply to all who choose to participate in Square’s online seller community located at www.sellercommunity.com. These guidelines are important ground rules meant to ensure the conversations are productive and valuable for all.



  1. Be curious: Ask questions! We’re building this community to support one another, so ask for clarification on things you don’t understand or for advice from other Square sellers.

  2. Be collaborative: Share your ideas and best practices, post links and resources, and have good conversations with other community members. You're welcome to share a link to your business where it makes sense in the broader context of conversation, but please don't post direct promotions or otherwise spam the group. 

  3. Be respectful: We’re all professionals, so we expect members to assume good intentions, act with empathy, and work together to resolve conflict. Consider whether the comment you post is going to support those who will read it. Do not turn disagreements into personal attacks, and please don't post the same message in multiple places. It's not productive. Additionally, please do not use someone else's content without receiving explicit permission to do so. If you need help contacting an author, reach out to an Admin.

  4. Be mindful: Though this community requires a Square account to join, most conversations are publicly visible without logging in. Please be mindful of the privacy or confidentiality of the content you post. We do not recommend sharing content, ideas, metrics, or other information that is confidential or sensitive to your business. Though our team frequently reviews posts to ensure private details are not being shared, Square cannot be held responsible if you choose to share any personal details, sensitive information or ideas, or business data in this community.

  5. Be genuine: Share as much as you feel comfortable with! Photos, memes, emojis, gifs, and other lighthearted material is welcomed. Strengthen your own experience by getting involved in events and content, or connecting with other members directly. Choose a username that accurately represents you or your business. 


Reporting Violations

This community was created with you in mind. Though we try our best to review and attend to each and every post, we also rely on your guidance and feedback to ensure it remains a respectful, and valuable space. If you see anyone violating these guidelines, please report the post to the Admin team by clicking the “Report Inappropriate Content” button, underneath the ellipses menu (three dots) on the post.

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