Introducing the Super Seller Program

The Super Seller program is our way of recognizing the most helpful top contributors in the community.


Who are our Super Sellers?
Super Sellers are Square advocates who have a passion for helping other business owners. Whether it’s troubleshooting a finicky printer or helping decide how to split tips among employees, Super Sellers are there to offer advice, encourage, and foster a strong community of Square sellers. Check out our directory of current Super Sellers


To be considered for the Super Seller program, you should: 


  • Be thoughtful and respectful in every community interaction
  • Provide thorough and well thought-out answers
  • Be consistently active in the community
  • Be curious, and seek to understand the question or issue at hand
  • Use a friendly, humble, and patient voice
  • Provide constructive product feedback to Square 


What are the benefits of becoming a Super Seller?
Whether you are just starting out or are already well established in your community and industry, becoming a Super Seller will boost your reputation among Square enthusiasts and the larger business community. Super Sellers earn respect and recognition by showing their business acumen and expertise.


As a Super Seller there are also other more tangible benefits, such as the opportunity to give early feedback on Square products, Square swag, a special community avatar, and more. 


What do I need to do to be considered?
The short answer: stay active in the community!


There’s no hard and fast rule for the number of posts you need to be considered for the program. Most of our Super Sellers tend to be very active, starting meaningful conversations and providing excellent answers to fellow sellers. We consider members whose posts stand out as exceptional, and who other members of the community recognize as extremely helpful.


The Fine Print
The Square team reserves the right to determine or revoke Super Seller status or add or remove program benefits at any time.


Happy posting,

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Super Seller Alumni

What a nice reward to offer to those who help others. Excellent!

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We thought so @Ron! Thanks for checking out the post 😇

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Super Seller

That sounds nice.  


Thanks for thinking of us.  It is fun to help others and hopefully get their problems solved. 

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Beta Member

This is a great incentive to create more interaction among small business owners!

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Thanks for your comment, @saydad! We love our Super Sellers!  🙌

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I really like this idea.I like helping others and problem solving not to mention needing help at times.It is a good feeling to know that fellow business owners are there if you have a question or neeed an idea to help your business grow.

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Yay, glad you like the program @EmmasNana! Thanks for the comment, too! I'd be happy to chat with you more about the program if you're interested. I'll send over a private message 👍  😊 

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Super Seller

Super cool! Definite interest here too!

Pesso - he/him
Pesso's Ices & Ice Cream
Square Super Seller - I'm here to help!
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Awesome, I'll send you a message too, @Pesso!

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Awesome idea! Can't wait to learn more from you guys!

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What a great way for Square to pass off a consistent lack in quality customer service and well-equipped tech support to community members who may better suited via professional experience to help others. Earn the designation of "Super" so I can work for Square for free? Well sure, that is super - for Square indeed.


Should Square actually value this idea of fostering support for the small business community, then how about issuing free or reduced service pricing as an incentive. Anything of REAL value besides a community forum designation and yellow .png star. You're suggesting this program supports small business under the guise of this designation. Actually, you're leveraging the uncompensated yet valuable time of small business owners who all already PAY to use Square services (via paid features or transaction fees on free products). You KNOW there is direct profit and reduced customer churn via advanced community support. I think you can do better. 

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Very helpful!! Thank you Square. The levels have been explained extremely well. Sheesh. I’m ready to climb upwards!! 

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