Meet the Team: DannyH

Name: Danny

Role: Beta Specialist

About Me: What’s up fam, I’m Danny! I live just outside of Atlanta and have worked at Square since June 2019. Before my current role as a Beta Specialist, I worked as a Customer Success Advocate specializing in Square hardware as well as the Square for Restaurants software. I’d like to say I’ve encountered just about every troubleshooting scenario possible -- but where’s the fun in that!

When I’m not on the clock with Square, I’m usually working with my beautiful wife on our own business -- as we’re a husband/wife photography team (mostly weddings, lifestyle).

Now when we’re not working, we’re either spending time with our English Springer Spaniels pups (Kota + Birdie) or looking to find new restaurants, bars, or coffee shops in the city. There’s so many! We both love to travel and hopefully when the world gets back to normal we’d love to hit up many more countries (so far my fav is Italy)!

Also I’m a huge OKC Thunder fan (despite their current state 🤦‍), but really just love the NBA!

I'm thrilled to be a part of this community!


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It’s so great to have you here @DannyH ! Looking forward to all of the awesome things

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