Meet the Team: Nika

Name: Nika


Role: Community Manager


About Me: Hey everyone! I'm Nika! I've been with Square for about a year and half now working on Support, and now am a newer member to the Seller Community Team. 😀 I grew up as the daughter of a small business owner (my dad was and still is an exterminator... so I was known as "the bug man's daughter"). Growing up in the small business culture was a really special experience; and being a part of this Community and engaging with small business owners everywhere continues to allow me that experience. It feels like home here!


Some fun things going on in the life of Nika... Well... I'm getting married this fall here in St. Louis, so I'm spending a lot of my current free time wedding planning. And even more of a fun fact, our Community friend @kellyj will be doing the flowers for my wedding! (Go check out her "Meet the Team" page where she'll tell you about her previous career owning a floral company 💐).


Aside from the wedding madness- I love a good microbrewery and discovering new ones, I've become obsessed with using my Instant Pot (let me know if you have any good recipes!), I love crime podcasts, I'm still complaining about the ending of Game of Thrones, and of course... GO BLUES!





Oh, and check out the pictures of the other two loves of my life: Sophie the *I swear she's happy* kitty and Coal the *I need constant attention* doggo.







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Pesso Super Seller

Re: Meet the Team: Nika

Welcome aboard, @Nika_ !


There's definitely nothing like being the kid in a Small Business family! 

I've been the Painter's Son, the Ice Cream Man's Son, and so many more - now I've upgraded to "Pesso Jr.", haha


And congrats on the upcoming Wedding & all the adorable animals!

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