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What's in your online store? Support other Square sellers

From being on the community boards I've found a few awesome sellers of handmade stuff that I've ended up ordering from. Was nice to be able to support other small businesses that Square seems perfect for. 

So pop a link to your online store below along with your story (be it long or short!). 

I make pizza from my van so no link from me - but hit me up if you're ever in Cambridgeshire!




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I’m Matt as you all most likely already know, I’m a photographer, I sell printed versions of some of my greatest photos, (as well as stock photos and such for business to use for advertisement etc.) my square online site is https://mjdonline.square.site and all my other links to my business related pages can be found on https://addr.bio/mjdphotography 

Matt - He/They
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Hi, I’m Tony and I created the Online Shop in support of my wife’s small business. Teri creates bespoke hand-dyed yarn from photos that people send her, be it a sunset they have liked, their dog or perhaps a flower. One of our customers in Australia was sitting in a carwash and took a photo of the suds running down her windscreen which she wanted in yarn!


The site is https://the-ungrateful-wench.square.site

Women and Cats will do as they please,
Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
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That's cool - hand't realised before that she dyed to match colours from the environment! 

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Love the website name!  Looks fabulous, wonderful photos, perfectly captured.

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Hi Elaine. The story behind the website name: Just after Teri had started her business, I had some business cards printed. She wasn’t very keen on them and said to a friend “being an ungrateful wench, I told Tony I didn’t like them”. Her friend said “that would be a good name for the business”. Teri agreed so I bought the domain theungratefulwench.co.uk which now links to her Square Shop.

Regards, Tony

Women and Cats will do as they please,
Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
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That's brilliant - love the story behind the name!

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Hi Tony, hi everyone!  I use felt, fabric, charms and embellishments to make one of a kind jewellery, accessories and small artwork for my business, Ellie's Treasures.  I began selling online via various platforms 11 years ago but have finally plucked up the courage to have my own website here with Square (and sooooo pleased I have).  My shop is https://elliestreasures.square.site/ and I'm also on most social media accounts under my shop name.  


Tony, I'm based on the Cambridgeshire borders so will certainly look you up if I head your way - nothing beats pizza cooked by hand. 



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Your stuff looks beautiful so gonna let you off saying Tony cooks the pizza 😂🍕💕

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Oh!  So sorry, Sam isn't it?  Doh, it's been a loonng day 🙄!  Bet those pizza are delicious 👍

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Hi Tony, My partner and her sister set up a business during COVID - they had been making handmade personalised items for friends and family on and off for a while, and whilst we were all homebound, they decided to start selling them online! So they drafted me in to help them setup their website etc and haven't looked back since! They are closing in on hopefully being able to walk away from their "proper" jobs at the current rate or sales. They do everything from Scrabble Frames, to Laser Engraved Items - and seem to be coming up with new products quicker than I can add them to the site! 


They are based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire (currently taking up all my garage space until they find a small unit to move too). Their shop is https://www.signature-home.co.uk/ and are on Facebook @signaturehomeandgifts and Instagram /_signaturehome

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