How do I generate open orders on square POS?

I want to utilize my orders page on my PoS. The only orders that appear are ones placed through my Square Site. I want to have new invoices generate an open order. 


We are a small bakery, so when we send invoices, we don't create the product immediately. So, I want the invoices to be saved as open orders so we can sort by due date/production date. I also want to be able to do this through the POS - if my invoices automatically created open orders, it would be easy since I have "invoices" toggled on as a payment method. 


Open Tickets doesn't work as you can't put dates or anything there. 


I also went to Settings -> Orders -> Order Creation -> Enable order creation in checkout and toggled that on, but I can't figure out what that actually does. 


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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@bearandbeak So good and bad news on this front.  Square doesn't have the exact functionality you are describing.  Square is working on some changes to utilize order manager more but right now this would be a feature request.  I can give you my current work around.  I assume that you are invoicing the client for payment and then turning around and doing the order?  With open tickets if you put a date in the notes on an item it will persist even if you convert the open ticket into an invoice.  So I start with the open ticket and then convert it to an invoice when I do billing.  I am not sure if this would work for you, but you could effectively print a ticket and then convert it to the invoice for billing.


I know this isn't your work flow, but there is not a great way to do what you want.  I just wanted to give you some of my experience and see if it helps.  Putting a date note on an item is a great way to track when an open ticket was actually started since you can't change the item once the open ticket is saved.  You can always void an open ticket if you want to after the fact.

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