How to create wholesale product items for view to clients on line via weebly website I currently mai

How to create a wholesale product list for view on line to clients using the weebly web-site, of the identical items list as retail?  Is there a back page available where a wholesale merchant can login with resale number or Federal ID number?

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@robyntomp I did a little digging to make sure but you can password protect a specific page when you are editing a website.  However, it is a set master password.  You could accomplish what you are wanting to do by setting up an item page with all the items you want to wholesale with the wholesale pricing.  You would have to create the wholesale version of your item.  This is the best I think you can accomplish this within the existing site:


Item catalog in dashboard ---> Duplicate item ---> change price to wholesale & remove taxes if applicable


Weebly site ---> items ----> Add items to catalog ----> Group in a wholesale category


Edit Website ----> Create a featured item page or item page ----> Page Settings (Cog Wheel at top of page on left) ----> View Page Settings ---->  Password Protect Page


Add Items to this page only.


A couple caveats:  If your whole site is available via item pages you may have to change some more settings to keep the items from just showing up under item search from main page.


#2 Option:  Create a second free weebly online store site:  Add only the wholesale version of items


Create the free yournamebusiness.square.site  and link to this from the main website and password protect the entire site.  You could also set up a form to collect tax id numbers or add it as a field at the end of the purchase transaction to collect it like a name field.  This would be a clean way to integrate a wholesale version of a site into your current site.  There is not a work around to just have items show different to different people that I know of.  If you want to post any clarifications, Option #2 might be the easiest without creating a separate business for wholesale.  Copying items in the item catalog is very easy now and changing prices and taxes would not take a long time unless you have 2000 items.  Otherwise then a custom integration would be the way to go.


Hope this helps,



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This is so very helpful and thorough explanation. Thank you very much. 
Ps. I had thought of reading of a second ‘page’ available via weebly/square. I like the second application also b

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We really appreciate you stepping in here to offer such great assistance, @Donnie-M, thank you so much!


Let us know if anything else comes up, @robyntomp

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Thanks for the detailed descriptions - I had thought of essentially doing what you described but am running into the item list problem; I'm muddling through solving that but it's not a quick answer for me so any further help on how to address that in particular would be appreciated. Thanks!

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We are a primarily online business and have both retail and wholesale customers purchasing through the same online store. We provide wholesale discount codes for the Wholesale customers so they can easily order and pay at time of purchase instead of via invoice.


We would like to be able to track separate revenue for retail and wholesale so my question is whether there is a way to categorize certain customers as Wholesale and have all of their purchases roll into a Wholesale tracker? 


Thanks for any guidance.

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Hey! I've merged your post with an existing thread in which @Donnie-M provides an excellent workaround for this feature request. @VanKalkerFarms also provides a good workaround for tracking wholesale customers in another thread. 

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Hi @thrpstpreferred

I am doing the same thing you are with my online site. How do you charge tax for retail customers and not for wholesale customers? That is the problem I am running into. 

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I am working to build out a wholesale partner page to sell coffee online to our wholesale partners. I had thought of creating the workaround that @Donnie-M explains above, but the problem I seem to now be running into is that by creating a category of "Wholesale Coffee" items, that category still by default shows up in my master item list on the regular & accessible online store. If I delete the category from the main site, the warning box pops up to advise I will be deleting the category from my online store. Haven't clicked through to test it, so maybe that's my next step. There is also another thread from a seller that identified some weaknesses in the password protection of the page for wholesale partners, essentially detailing that general public was able to access and view the "password protected" site fairly easily. 


Does seem like a more common feature request, @AshleyK can you share any advancement or development on the topic? My next move may require shifting our platform to something like Shopify for that feature but I'd love to keep it all consolidated with Square/Weebly

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Check which version of the store you are running there are 2.  One is the standard site where you can have say a blog and more customization along with really specifying what you want to sell online.  I use this one as I have items that are in house and only for my cashiers.  The other site is a more streamlined sell all site for online orders.  It has some nifty features also and is appropriate in most cases.  What you may need to look at is marking items as "hidden" depending on the usage.


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