Square has changed? what is the easiest way to get back up and running?

I closed my brick n' mortar during covid and I am trying to get things back to work. Unfortunately, you have disabled my cash register during this process. I finally was able to get the iPad upgraded and now it will not work with the printer, card reader or fiscal cash register. To top it all off you have disabled the actual register itself from using the old POS. How can I get back the basics like my cash register view that I have spent years protecting. Later on I would also like to know where the online store has gone and eventually, It would be nice to know what you are actually charging me for disabling everything. Thank you.

I use SQUARE several systems

iMac 12.5.1

iPad 15.7 (updating to latest version)

iPhone 13 (latest version)

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HI, this is the seller to seller community board. 


You can try to contact Customer Support with this link.  Monday to Friday, 6:00am-6:00pm PST.


Contact Customer Support



You will get a few options to contact, click Call Us, a new browser window will open with phone number and customer code.


You must be logged into your account and is best on a laptop or desktop.  Phone app sometimes displays unavailable at times.

Hope this helps.
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Super Seller

If you could explain a bit more of what you are doing and what you are meaning when you say the Square app is disabled, then maybe we could help more. 

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Square Community Moderator

Hello, @Feedback2016!


@Gold is correct, you can reach out to our CS Team to have a deeper look into the issue with your account. 


We wouldn't delete any of the information on your account, but do you have/had multiple locations? If a location was deleted, it would look blank when trying to sign in. I would suggest signing out of the Point of Sale app and sign in again. 


Thank you for bringing this to the Community. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Community Moderator, Square
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