Issues with discount handling in new POS

I have discounts disabled in the teams permissions setting:
"Apply restricted discounts and comps to a transaction"
On the original POS application, this stops any prompt to add a discount during checkout.
On the new version the option to add a discount is always present during checkout.
This looks like a bug to me.

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Thanks for raising this @ianastewart. If you have limited the permission to apply discounts, team members will see the PIN screen pop up when they attempt to apply discounts and need to have the overriding pin in order to take any further action.


If team members are being able to add discounts without seeing the PIN screen, it's worth checking some of the following settings:

  • Make sure that the Require a passcode to apply discount setting is toggled on for each discount under Advanced Settings.
  • Make sure Passcodes and Team Passcodes are toggled on under Settings > Security within the app

If these are all setup and the PIN screen are still not coming up, can you let us know:

  • The exact version of the Square Point of Sale app you're using
  • A video or screenshot of how the discounts are coming up
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Thanks for the quick response. The passcode screen is appearing as you describe, but my issue is that if a team's ability to apply discounts has been turned off, the message "Add a discount" should simply never appear. That is the way the orimgal app works. Having a password screen pop up gives me another pronblem:

My team member is permanently logged in. I am using guided access on the iPad and with the old app  I can mask the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen that I never want team members to touch (even though touching them would not do any damage because the features are locked out and require a password). Team members just use the basic checlout and never see a passcode screen.
With the redesigned app, you have relocated the menu buttons to the top. If I inhibit access to them through guided access, when a  passcode is required, the X button than cancels the passcode pop up cannot be used because of its position at the top of the screen.

So for me, the new app is a backward step - I cannot restrict functions effectively. If the 'Add discount' button was removed it goes a long way to solving my problem. Please pass on these comments to the UI designers.

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Really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us regarding the new app experience @ianastewart! I will definitely share your feedback with the appropriate product team so they can help improve it.


In the meantime, if you prefer, you can revert back to the original Square Point of Sale for a limited time as well by visiting the Settings > Checkout section and clicking Revert to previous experience. 

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