Appointments Update - Double Booking Prevention, and More!
Appointments Update - Double Booking Prevention, and More!

The Appointments team is back with a few new updates for the web version. Don't forget to subscribe to receive emails each time we post an update about the Appointments product!


Web-Based Updates


Double Booking Warning


Have you ever accidentally double-booked yourself, or booked outside of an employee's working hours? Worry no more – with our new double booking warning, any time you're making a new appointment on our Web Calendar, we will show you a warning if the appointment conflicts with the staff member's working hours, or any of their other appointments or personal events.


Double-booking Warning.png


If you don't see this warning come up while booking an appointment on our Web Calendar, you can be assured that there are no conflicts!



Cancellation Rules


Do you love giving your clients the ability to reschedule their own appointments through your Online Booking site, but hate when they cancel last minute? Well now you can set a rule where your customers cannot cancel or reschedule a certain amount of time in advance of their appointment.


To do so, simply navigate to the Settings page, and click on Calendar & Booking. In the Online Scheduling section, you'll see a dropdown titled "Cut-off time for allowing clients to cancel or reschedule". This is where you can control how far in advance customers must make any changes to their appointment.


Cancellation Rules.png


If a client tries to change or cancel their appointment too close to the appointment, they will see the following screen:


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.29.08 PM.png



Booking Window


Don't want your customers booking too far in advance? Well now you can set a limit on how far in advance your customers can book their appointments. Coupled with our other settings for your online booking site, this means you can set the exact booking window when your customers can make an appointment. For instance, you can make sure your customers are booking at least 24 hours, but no more than 2 weeks in advance.


Booking Limit.png



Calendar Colors


We've now made the colors consistent on your Appointments calendars on Web and iOS, so no matter where you're accessing your calendar – iPhone, iPad, or Laptop – you can know that the colors coordinate to your specific staff member's calendars. Brenda's will always be green, and Jen's will always be blue, regardless of where you're looking at the calendar. Also, adding and removing a staff member will no longer change the colors for your existing staff members, so for all of our visual people out there, you can depend on the calendar colors to be consistent throughout our product.

Thanks for checking out our most recent web enhancements. We hope these updates bring a lot of value to you and your business! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to start a new thread.


See you next time! 😄

The Square Appointments Team