Appointments Update - Web Enhancements
Appointments Update - Web Enhancements

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Web-Based Updates

We recently updated the Appointments website to integrate with Customer Directory. Now you're able to:



Integration with Square Customer Directory

Your Square Appointments client list and your Square Customer Directory list are now the same list. This enables you to easily add, remove, or edit your contacts in Square Appointments or Customer Directory, with any future modifications reflected in both lists. Here are the details of the integration:


Import/Export Customers

Clicking on “Import/Export” allows you to import customers from a CSV file, MailChimp or Constant Contact.


pasted image 5.png



Combine Duplicate Contacts 

If you have duplicate entries with the same email address or phone number, you can combine these duplicate contacts into one contact.


Step 1: If you have duplicates, they will be indicated with a red alert on the Customer Directory page. Click “Resolve Duplicates” to begin the process.




Step 2: Either click “Combine All Duplicates” which will automatically combine any entries with the same email address or phone number, or manually review duplicates and click “Combine” individually.




Please note: If you have distinct clients that share a phone number or email address that you would like to remain separate contacts, we recommend you manually review and combine duplicates.



Send Marketing Emails

As result of integrating with Customer Directory, you can now leverage the marketing component in your Square Dashboard to send email marketing campaigns to your clients. There are different one-time “blast” campaigns such as offering coupons or discounts, announcing new services, or sending invites to events you’re hosting. You can also set-up automated campaigns to welcome new clients, bring back lapsed clients, wish clients a happy birthday, and many more.





That does it for our most recent web enhancements. We hope these updates bring a lot of value to you and your business! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to start a new thread.


See you next time!

Square Appointments Team