Issue Itemized Refunds on an Android Device
Issue Itemized Refunds on an Android Device

You can now issue itemized refunds on an Android device.


Here's an exciting update for everyone using the Square Point of Sale app on an Android device. You're now able to issue itemized refunds!


Here's how it works:


1. Tap the following icon in the navigation bar:Three Horizontal Lines2. Tap Transactions.
3. Select the payment you’d like to refund > Issue Refund.
4. Tap Select All Items to refund the entire sale, select the specific items you’d like to refund, or tap Amount to refund a specific dollar amount > tap Next.


5. Select a reason for the refund > tap Refund.



When issuing an itemized refund, the amount being refunded will reflect any applicable taxes (e.g. Sales Tax) and discounts for the selected item(s).

For Custom Amount transactions, you’ll have the option to refund any dollar amount up to the total amount of the sale.


Note: Issuing itemized refunds is not available in the online Square Dashboard.


Learn more about processing refunds in our Support Center.


As always, thanks for reading this post and being part of our Seller Community. This improvement was made possible thanks to your feedback, so keep it coming! Please let me know if you have any questions about issuing itemized refunds by replying to this thread.