Latest news from Square Marketing
Latest news from Square Marketing

We recently launched a number of new features designed to help you grow your email list, reach more customers, and save time with Square Marketing. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new, and how to use it.


  1. Build your lists with new email collection tools
  2. Add coupons to your digital receipts
  3. Set your email campaigns to repeat


Tell us what you think in the comments, and let us know how else we can make Square Marketing more powerful for your business.

1. Build your lists with new email collection tools

We all know it takes time and effort to collect and keep track of email lists. And what a pain it can be to keep lists in sync across your website, social media, and even that clipboard sitting on your counter.


But now, with Square’s new email collection tools, you can easily collect even more addresses through your website and at the point of sale, and sync them seamlessly in your directory.


  • Online collection: To collect email addresses online, we’ve created new hosted opt-in pages that you can link to from social media or any other website, or you can embed a form directly on your site if you wish.




  • Point of Sale collection: You can also add a new screen after a sale right in Square Point of Sale. Once enabled from your Settings menu, this screen appears after any transactions in which your customers opt for either an SMS receipt or no receipt, so you don’t miss out on a chance to collect their email address.



Set up email collection tools in your online Dashboard.


2. Add coupons to your digital receipts


Square Marketing can already publish your campaigns directly to email and Facebook. But now you can extend the reach of your coupon promotions by also adding them to your digital receipts. This helps your business in two ways.


  • First, you increase the chance of your customers seeing your message by showing it in more places. Square receipts are opened, on average, by 50% of customers, whereas the average email campaign open rate of Square Marketing users is around 39%. There’s a good chance you’ll reach most of these email customers when you show your message in both channels.


  • Second, adding promotions to receipts helps you reach those customers who opt for SMS receipts. With approximately 30% of digital receipts sent over SMS across the Square network, this is a great way to expand your promotional message to additional customers.


To set it up, simply create a coupon campaign in Square Marketing and select “Share on Receipt” under Other Channels on the Audience selection page.




3. Set your email campaigns to repeat


Do you have a monthly coupon or other campaigns you’d like to send multiple times? You can now set your campaigns to repeat automatically, and select how often and how many times. No more forgetting to send out that weekly Taco Tuesday reminder!


To set up repeat campaigns, click the Schedule button when you create your next campaign and toggle the “Repeat this campaign” button.




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