New: Recurring “Collect a Payment” Subscriptions Now Appear in Order Manager
New: Recurring “Collect a Payment” Subscriptions Now Appear in Order Manager


Hello Square Sellers!


Order Manager helps you manage your fulfilment workflow. Until recently, orders generated through recurring “Collect a Payment” links were not tracked in Square Order Manager, which was a big frustration point.


To help with this, we’re excited to share that subscriptions generated from your “Collect a Payment” links will now appear in Order Manager alongside all your other orders.


How it works

You start by creating a recurring “Collect a Payment” link and share it via link, email, SMS, QR code or through a Buy button on your website. 


New subscriptions that come through this payment link will now appear in Square Order Manager. Since they are recurring payments, a new order will be generated there according to the frequency chosen (eg. weekly, monthly, etc.)


How to get started

There is nothing you need to do to enable this feature! All “Collect A Payment” recurring payments are now set to appear in Order Manager. 

To learn more about Square Subscriptions and how you can get started, take a look at our Support Center article: Get Started with Subscriptions in Dashboard.



If you have any questions about accepting payments with Square Subscriptions, please reply below.

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