Product Update: Square Appointments Multi-Location
Product Update: Square Appointments Multi-Location

Hello again! Our Appointments team put in a lot of overtime these last couple months to greet you with a major product update in the new year. We’re happy to announce that with Square Appointments, you can now manage appointments across multiple locations!


With multiple location support, it's never been easier to:


  • Customize staff and hours at each location
  • Let clients book the service and staff at their preferred location
  • Include location address in your automated appointment reminders
  • Have a consolidated calendar, client list, and reporting for all locations in one account

So how exactly will this work? We’ll walk you through it, but we’re hoping it’s pretty seamless for you to set up.


To get started:


  1. Create or select a new location from the Locations section of Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard. Here, you’ll create the location’s public profile and manage settings like business hours, time zone, and bank account. Visit our Support Center for step-by-step instructions on setting up Square Appointments for multiple locations.
  2. Once you have all locations created, enable them for Square Appointments. Go to Location Management in the Settings tab of your Appointments dashboard > click Add to AppointmentsAppointments Multi Location 1.png
  3. Get your staff set up. Visit the Staff tab in your Appointments dashboard to set hours, locations, and services for staff members.Appointments Multi Location 2.png
  4. View your schedule for each location from the Calendar tab of your Appointments dashboard by selecting a location from the dropdown menu. Appointments Multi Location 3.png
  5. Set up online booking for each location from the Online Booking tab of your Appointments dashboard by selecting the location from the dropdown menu.
  6. Start booking!

As a heads up, I also wanted to let you know that appointment settings like cancellation policies, pricing, and booking preferences are enabled across all locations and can’t be set on a per-location basis.

Let us know if you’re using Square Appointments and have multiple locations - we’d love to hear how this is working out for you!