Risk Manager: Adding a New Layer of Protection for your Online Business
Risk Manager: Adding a New Layer of Protection for your Online Business

With Square’s new Risk Manager tool, you can now take an extra step to protect your business from fraud and payments disputes through a suite of new features and controls directly from your online Square Dashboard. 


Risk Manager allows you to create sets of rules that will automatically flag moderate-to-high risk payments based on certain criteria that you can choose from. The payment review process is automated on the backend but you get to decide what action is taken:


  • You can block a payment card from completing additional transactions with your business; 
  • Issue a refund upfront to avoid a lengthy dispute; or
  • Simply dismiss the payment if you believe it poses little to no risk to your business. 


You can get started with Risk Manager for free for 90 days, and from there a fee of $0.06 per online transaction would apply. By taking these extra steps, you can increase the security of your online payments and take back more time to manage your business.


Read more about Risk Manager and learn how to get started in our Support Center.




Disclosure:  Although this tool is designed to help prevent payment disputes, the risk of a payment dispute is present with all card payments. Sellers will continue to be liable for all payments they accept and the disputes they receive. Square is not assuming liability for payments, regardless of the risk evaluation that is delivered.