Square Loyalty Enrollment Emails
Square Loyalty Enrollment Emails

When you create a Loyalty program with Square, your customers can earn stars towards rewards or discounts based on visits and purchases made. With this update, your customers will be able to enroll in your program from an invitation email sent after an eligible purchase if they weren’t enrolled during checkout. This will enable more customers to participate in your Loyalty program and decrease the number of requests to manually adjust stars after the transaction. This feature is live for sellers who are new to Loyalty, and will be rolling out to exisiting Loyalty customers over the next week. 


If a customer visits your business and didn’t claim their star at checkout, Square will email them an invitation to enroll in your Loyalty program to claim their star after an eligible purchase.


To do so, they’ll:

  1. Look for an email from your business regarding your Loyalty program.
  2. Follow the prompt to Claim Your Stars.
  3. Enter their 10-digit phone number > tap Claim Your Stars.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 1.28.26 PM.png


They’ll see a confirmation and an invite to Check Your Loyalty Status, which they can do at any time from this link.


Customers will accumulate unclaimed stars up to the reward threshold as they make eligible purchases before enrolling in your program. This creates an increasing incentive for them to enroll and keep coming back.


Note: Enrollment invitation emails may take a few hours to reach your customer’s inbox after their purchase and will only be sent if they provided an email address for a digital receipt.


To enable this feature for an existing Loyalty program:

  1. Head to the Loyalty tab in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Actions > Edit.
  3. In the Incentivize step > toggle “Email buyers a link to claim stars after a transaction”.
  4. Click Next to continue with setup > Save.

Note: This feature will be rolling out to everyone over the next week. If you don’t see the option yet, bear with us while everyone’s account features update.


If you’re setting up a Loyalty program for the first time, you’ll see the same option during the creation process under the Incentivize step.


Learn more about creating a Loyalty program with Square and how customers can enroll in a Square Loyalty program, claim stars, and redeem rewards in our Support Center.


Thanks for reading this update and being a part of our Seller Community. As always, questions and suggestions are always welcome. These feature updates are a direct result of feedback from sellers like you.