Square Photo Studio App Updates
Square Photo Studio App Updates

Hi Seller Community!

I’m excited to share an update on Square’s Photo Studio app! We got a ton of great feedback since our launch in November and have made some pretty significant updates. Starting today, with version 1.0.8, you can now:


  • Use your camera roll photos with the app - this was far and away our top feature request. You can now use existing photos within the app

  • Refine background removal - you can now make adjustments to background removal with the app. This only works with camera roll images for now but we’ll be rolling it out to all images soon

  • Edit the shadows - You can now switch between a directional and drop shadow, change the shadow intensity, and move your shadows around. We’re going to be adding even more styling features soon - so stay tuned!

Really excited to see what types of images you all create so please share any photos. Also we’re always listening to feature requests so please let us know what you’d love to see with our Photo Studio app!