Appointments: Change your schedule on the go, using any device

Square Appointments now lets you set your schedule, or make a one-time change on mobile or desktop — you choose. 


You can now make a one-off change to your regular schedule using your mobile device. Pick a specific date—perhaps a holiday—or select a specific employee to easily update your team’s availability. 


To make a one-time change on your mobile device, follow the below instructions: 


  1. Open your Square Appointments app and click on the clipboard in the top right of the main calendar view
  2. Select the employee (if your business has more than one) and your desired calendar view
  3. Under the Booking Availability section, choose the Make a one-time change option
  4. Choose the day for which you want to make a one-time schedule change by adding additional hours or limiting your availability for that day.


Mobile Screen Shot 1_Staff.pngMobile Screen Shot 2_Customize availability.png


Our normal business hours extend past midnight. Unfortunately, we get an error message if we try to customize availability to add hours on certain days.





Yikes, sorry to hear your troubles with this. Mind calling our Appointments Team? They'll be able to dig deeper into the errors you're running into and help out with updating your availability.