Automatic Discounts for Square Point of Sale app

You can now set up discounts that automatically apply to single items or entire categories for a select period of time. So whether you host a happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. or offer a 20% discount on sweaters all of March, these discounts now automatically apply and end based on your rules!


Create and edit discounts from your online Square Dashboard or from the Square app. 


Create and Edit Discounts


Square App


  1. Tap the three horizontal lines > Items.
  2. Tap Discounts > Create Discount or select a discount to modify.
  3. Enter the discount details and tap Save.


You can edit the name and percentage or dollar amount of manual and automatic discounts from the app. To set and edit rules for automatic discounts, sign in to your online Square Dashboard. Discounts can also be deleted from the Square app.


Online Square Dashboard


  1. Visit Items > Discounts in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Discount.
  3. Enter the discount details > Save.


Note: If you’d like to create a variable discount so you can enter the amount at checkout, leave the Amount field blank.


Create Automatic Discounts


Create automatic discounts for specific items and categories, daily specials like happy hours, or limited time offers.

Note: At this time, automatic discounts can only be created from your online Square Dashboard.


Create Automatic Item or Category Discounts


  1. Visit Items > Discounts in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Discount.
  3. Enter the discount details.
  4. Toggle on Auto Apply to Items and Categories.
  5. Click Select Items to apply discounts to certain items or categories automatically.
  6. Choose up to 100 individual items or categories and click Done. To select all items, select the checkbox next to the Items heading.
  7. Click Save.


Create a Recurring Discount


  1. Visit Items > Discounts in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create Discount to add a new discount.
  3. Enter the discount details.
  4. Toggle on Auto Apply to Items and Categories.
  5. Click Select Items to apply discounts to certain items or categories automatically.
  6. Choose up to 100 individual items or categories and click Done. To select all items, select the checkbox next to the “Items” heading.
  7. Toggle on Set Schedule.
  8. Set the days of the week and times of day this discount is available.
  9. Click Save.


Create a Limited Time Discount


  1. Visit Items > Discounts in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Discount.
  3. Enter the discount details.
  4. Toggle on Auto Apply to Items and Categories.
  5. Click Select Items to apply discounts to certain items or categories automatically.
  6. Choose up to 100 individual items or categories and click Done. To select all items, select the checkbox next to the “Items” heading.
  7. Toggle on Set Date Range and select dates to create a limited time discount.
  8. Click Save.


It’s important to note that online store discounts apply to the entire sale and are not available with auto apply discount rules at this time.


For example: Let’s say you limit the number of times a discount can be applied to 10. If 2 customers use this discount, and you later update to only allow the discount to be applied 8 times, only 6 will remain available for your customers to use in the future.


For more information, be sure to check out our Discounts FAQ and how to create and manage discounts articles.

Thanks for being part of the Seller Community! This update was made possible thanks to feedback like yours, so please keep it coming!




We offer a special price when buying 6 chocolate bars.  Currently I have 4 separate 6pc bar discount buttons set (since I could not apply the same discount more than once in a transaction).  How can I set up the discount rule to automatically discount multiple sets of six?


Thanks, this will help a lot during the holidays!



Would I have the ability to auto apply discounts on item categories only in some locations?  We offer a factory store discount on most items for two of our locations.




Hi @roseH1


When you create your discount in the dashboard, you will see the ability to specify locations. 


To create the 6 bar pack discount, here's how it would work: 

  1. Create your discount in the Square dashboard
  2. After setting the discount name, amount, and locations, select Auto apply. 
  3. Choose Quantity
  4. Set a quantity of 6 and select qualifying bars or categories by clicking on "Select Items" 
  5. Click on "Add Discount Rule" 
  6. Choose "Exact Purchase Quantity"

When a customer buys any 6 chocolate bars you specify, they will get the discount applied to the 6 bars. 


A few other notes: 

  • Make sure your point of sale app is at least 5.17; you can check the version by going to Support > About. Information on how to update the app is here
  • Our logic currently favors the buyer; this means that in a BOGO an item of equal or greater value will be discounted. Until we release an update, we recommend only creating BOGO discounts with items in the discount group of equal or lesser value.
  • If discounts are added manually, note that discount rules will not apply. This can be risky with a discount like buy one get one free where the discount amount is 100%. You can restrict manual application of auto apply discounts by selecting Passcode Required when you create the discount. Then only employees with the permission to edit items can apply the discount manually.


Thank you.  And what if they buy 12 or 18 bars?  Would the discount automatically apply 2 or 3 times?


Please add this feature to my account....I have been looking all over for it....thank you for adding it!



@roseH1 Yes - for an exact amount auto apply quantity discount, the discount will apply each time that exact quantity of qualifying items is purchased. 

This seems to be exactly what I was hoping was in the Square Register for our situation. But I have a question....


For the minimum quantity discount would it work like this?


I would have 2 minimum quantity discounts for the same item. 20+ and 100+


Anything less than 20 no discount is applied

20 to 99 gets the 20+ discount automatically applied

100 and above gets the 100+ discount applied


I just want to be sure that both the 20+ and 100+ discounts won't be applied at the same time. I've seen that happen on some systems and I'm hoping it won't happen once this is released. 😉



Hi @HeatherM - you are correct, assuming the discount at 100+ is more favorable to the buyer. Our logic will only apply one automatic discount at the time of sale and will opt to apply the one that is best for the buyer. In this case, if a buyer had 100 or more, that discount should be the best option and should apply. 

Hi @elaine_p ,


Are there any plans to update the logic for the BOGO discounts during the beta so that the discount applies to the item of equal or lesser value? We would love to be able to test this out during the beta period to ensure there are no bugs and such. However, if the logic is still applying the discount to the more expensive item, we won't be able to give it a trial run.


@bobalove We will be adding that logic and will have a separate testing phase for it when we launch. Our plan is to launch the minimum and exact quantity without BOGO, and then follow up with another launch as soon as the feature is ready.  I'll be sure to update when it is ready to test, thank you for your willingness to test it!

@katieand @elaine_p  I would suggest that in the future you send out information on the behavior of new features, prior to them actually being developed. This is called "requirements gathering" in the software industry and should be one of the first things that the product owner and project coordinator do, to insure that the feature is beneficial to the customer and that the feature is implemented in a way that best serves the customer. 

The phases of the Software Development Life Cycle are; planning, requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Square should not be developing new product features prior to having consulted the customer base and as we can see here, it appears that did not happen. So, developers wasted their time developing a feature with the wrong requirements and beta testers wasted their time testing a feature that was implemented wrong from the start.

Having been a Software Engineer/Manager for more than 30 years, it amazes me that the little things still get missed and that the software developers think they are the best judge of how a feature should be implemented. In a SAAS world, your customers will always be the best source for how any feature should work...software developers are best left to the implementation, but certainly not for the requirements.



Quick note that we closed the test phase as we get ready to launch. (If you have the feature enabled, it will remain enabled). We will post back in the Community when the quantity-based discounts feature is broadly available. Thank you for those who tested and who gave feedback!

Any hints on when this feature will launch? I would love to have it for my event on Halloween! I have a lot of discounts that are like "Save $X on 3 items in this category".


Hi @moosecat! We don't have a timeline for this feature yet, but I can forward it on to our Product Team.



I'm trying to setup a discount for buy 3 get for "10" amount of dollars.  Currently, I have a discount setup for 0.67 per item and it works.  However, it will then continue to give the discount on more items added, and I only want the discount to work in bundles of 3.  Is there a way to do this?




Hi @elaine_p  can I get added to the Beta for the BOGO? I see "Item or Category" and "Quantity" already in my Dashboard, but i dont have the Buy X get Y option. Thanks.


@Skim, we did already close the test phase as of 8/29, while we prepare for launch. We plan to update the Community when the quantity-based discounts feature becomes available to everyone. Thanks for your interest, and keep your eyes peeled for news about this!

We want to sell gift cards with automatic discounts but now that they can no longer be set up as items I can't seem to find a way to do this. We want to be able to offer: buy a $15 card get 10% off, buy a $20 card get 20% off, buy a $30 card get 30% off etc... Each time they reload the get a discount based on how much they load on the card. I see that I can offer promotions on gift cards but not multiple promotions based on amount. Is there a way to set this up? 


Really sorry to keep you waiting for a reply @sweetsnack!


I'm afraid there isn't a way to set up automatic discounts to sell Gift Cards in the way you've described. I've shared your feedback with the Discounts and Gift Cards team and this is a request they will track. I agree it would be really useful to be able to apply automatic discounts for Gift Crds. In the meantime, you can still can manually apply a discount when you sell a Gift Card from your Point of Sale. 

Love this update, thank you! Quick question, with the 'Buy One Get One' discount if the customer buys one of the items from a category, the 2nd item from that category of equal or lesser value gets the 100% discount applied. If someone buys 5 items that are eligible, does Square then recognize the 5 corresponding items that are of the least value at the end of the transaction, or is it done in the order it is rung up in checkout?


Also, I would still love the ability/option for a discount to not apply to items that have another discount already applied. The only concern I have with the automatic discounts is they will apply globally, even if an item already has another discount applied and multiplying the discount a customer gets on certain items.

@elaine_p I'd like to also vote for the role-based discount feature that @doghouse56258 listed. We offer a discount to designers, and I would love to have that attached to their profile rather than the employees always having to remember to do it.

This is a great feature, but it seems a bit buggy? It's not always selecting the lowest priced item. I have set up a Buy 2 Get 1 Free in my Stickers and Prints category. On my app, I added the following items from that category to a transaction:









It made one of the $4 and the $5 item free. However, I would expect that it should have made the two $4 items free?


Then, if I remove the $4 item it made free from the transaction, the remaining discount stays on the $5 item instead of moving to the other $4 item.


Unless I'm missing something, this DEFINITELY needs to be fixed before I can use it.

Beta Member


That’s just how I’d expect it to work. 3rd most expensive free, and works it’s way down.

Otherwise your customers will feel cheated. 

Another bug found here:

When using bogo discount (buy 8 get 1 free), and manually adding another fixed $ amount discount, the automatic discount amount changes.

Hi Elaine. Had not been able to start my testing as we are seasonal business. We will start our fireworks tent shortly and needing to get square set up with items. I have the beta app but I gather you need to turn on the quantity/BOGO discount feature for my account before I can access?

I am having the same issue as @moosecat. We are doing a BOGO Free on candles, and when I ring up two candles it evaluates the cheaper of the 2 candles correctly. However, as I continue to ring up candles, it is evaluating the cheaper of each 2 that I ring up and applying the discount to the cheaper of the 2, but it's not reevaluting all the candles in the transaction. I would expect as I ring up eligible items, it continues to reevaluate all eligible items and apply the discount to the cheapest items, not based on the order I ring them up.

I think the BOGO Discount is working as it’s intended to @moosecat @mike109. Usually with BOGO offers/discounts, a customer has to pay full price for 1 item and the discount will then be applied to the next item that is equal or lesser in value. So for example, if you offer a BOGO Free discount and ring up the following items:

Item # 1: $100
Item # 2: $50
Item # 3: $75
Item # 4: $100

The discount will be applied to Item # 4 ($100) and Item #2 ($50). Customer pays full price for the most expensive item ($100), and will get the next item that is equal or lesser in value than $100 for free. In this case, it would be the other $100 item. Then the customer will have to pay full price for the $75 item, and will get the $50 item for free.

Like @400º stated, doing it any other way would leave the customer feeling cheated. Plus they could easily work around them getting cheated by simply ringing up their items on separate transactions. Instead of ringing up all 4 items together, they could simply pay for both $100 items on a 1 transaction, with the $75 and $50 items on another transaction. 

Interesting @bobalove , I've never had discounts work that way for me. Whenever I do a buy X Get Y free, it's always been the cheapest item is the free item. And yes, sometimes I do have to "cheat the system" and come back with a second transaction to group the higher priced items together. That's how I've always seen it work in stores and I've never feel cheated, just figured that's the way it is. If that's now how it works for other people, maybe I should feel cheated 😛

Can I set up an automatic discount to an appointment service? I would like to add an automatic discount for clients who come in for their next appointment within 30 days of their last appointment. Is this possible? I would also like to set a discount for specific clients that automatically applies when they come in. Is that possible?

I see where it allows me to discount items, but not services. Is this not an option yet? Or is it done someplace else?


Hey @AmyL. Applying automatic discounts to services is a feature request at this point. Sorry to have to be the one to share the bad news. We'll make sure to update everyone if this is implemented in the future!

Hi I would like to participate in the beta features!


Thanks for adding your voice here, @ChatsworthBeer - as soon as these features becomes available, we will reach back out to everyone here and let you know. 


Thanks for your patience!

It looks like this features not synched with the online store, correct?  Would be nice if it did.


@BobChristenson great question! You are correct, this feature is not enabled for the online store. You can always create coupons for your customers, but they will not apply automatically. 

Any plans on doing that?  If not, could I request it to be added to the future features list?


@BobChristenson This feature request currently not on our Developer's road map, but I'm more than happy to surface it for you! 


As a workaround for now, you can always post a banner on your website announcing a specific coupon code that customers can use and you can even set it up to only apply for certain items, categories, and cart totals. 


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to help in any way I can. 🙂

For some of my products, I'd like to offer special pricing for customers who purchase multiples of the same item. For instance, I sell my soap for $7.00 per bar or three bars for $20.00. Is there a way I can do that and still have it come out of inventory?


Hi @EvSkae Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Seller Community. I believe we have exactly what you are looking for - automatic discounts. You can set them to automatically apply if a customer purchases a certain number of a specific item, like soap. 


I've merged your post with an existing thread in which we give step by step instructions on how to set these up, but for a quick lesson, you can set up your automatic discounts under Discounts on the Square Dashboard. I have a screenshot below to give a visual of what this looks like as well.


Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 9.12.14 AM.png


I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions!​​​​​​​

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