Cash drawer management available on Square Terminal

As many businesses are implementing touch-free transactions, we know that managing cash is likely not top of mind for your business right now.


But for those interested, we wanted to share that we recently introduced a new, long-requested feature that makes it easy to track your cash sales and manage your cash drawer directly from your Square Terminal. 


The new Cash Management feature allows you to:

  • Input your starting cash each day
  • Track amounts paid in and out
  • Print or email end of day reports 


Turn on Cash Management by going to Settings > Cash Management on your Square Terminal.


Have questions about how to use Cash Drawer Management? Visit the Support Centre for more information and step-by-step instructions. Additionally, guidance on best practices for handling cash safely right now can be found here.


Reply here if you have any feedback or comment below.

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Cash drawer management available on Square Terminal
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