Customize your Customer Profiles to better serve your customers
Customize your Customer Profiles to better serve your customers

Did you know you can create custom fields on your Customer Profiles from your Customer Directory? It’s true, I promise. But here’s something you may not be aware of (especially since we just launched it): you can now create and change custom fields right from your Square Point of Sale on iOS!


Customizing your customer profiles is helpful because it allows you to capture the right information that you need to provide personalized service that keeps your customers coming back time and again. Here are some examples of when it could be useful:

  • If you’re a clothing retailer, you may want to create a field for your customer’s preferred size(s).
  • If you’re a pet groomer, it’s helpful to keep track of a customer’s pet’s name.
  • If you’re in the food space, perhaps a customer has an allergy you want to remember.

Or maybe you simply want to keep multiple phone numbers for each customer. All of this and more is possible.


Previously, you were able to set-up custom fields in your Square Dashboard by visiting the Directory Settings page. Now, on both your Point of Sale in iOS and from Customer Directory, you can:

  • Add new custom fields and update or delete existing ones
  • Adjust the order fields appear in profiles by dragging fields up or down
  • Hide any custom and most standard fields (other than name, email and phone number) that are irrelevant for your business
  • Input phone numbers with any country code

What types of custom fields can you create? Here’s where it really gets exciting. There is a wide variety of field types available to meet your needs, including text fields, dates fields, single selection list, multiple selection list, on/off toggle switches, lists, as well as fields for additional addresses, emails and phone numbers.


Here's what adding a custom field looks like on Point of Sale in iOS:





Once you’ve created or updated a custom field and/or customer profile, these changes will be reflected across profiles in your Customer Directory, Point of Sale and any data exporting that you do.

Now you can customize your profiles from anywhere, in order to ensure you they meet your exact needs when it comes to customer information. Go try it out
 and then let us know what you think!