Debit Chip & PIN on Square Reader

Interac chip & PIN is finally here! You can now accept every payment, for any amount, on your Square Reader for contactless and chip. Your customers can insert chip & PIN cards for debit transactions above $100, or tap contactless cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 


To get this feature, all you need to do is connect your contactless and chip reader to the Square Point of Sale app. The next time you connect, if it hasn't already, your reader will automatically update its firmware. You can check your reader's firmware version in the Square Point of Sale app by clicking settings > card readers > select the connected reader > and reading the number after firmware: if the number says 301059 or higher, you're good to go. 


CA Interac_Community post.png


You’ll pay just $0.10 per Interac insert or tap, and the usual 2.65% per credit card transaction. Never miss a sale again with the Square Reader for contactless and chip. 


Visit the Square Shop to purchase your Square Reader for contactless and chip.


Very nice Cheryl. 


I would like to add that the firmware number will be actually something like this. 

# SCRP. and not the 301059 number above.

Just in case someone thinks the SCRP number is too low, it ain't. 

WOOHOO!!! I knew it was coming. I’ll test it out on my reader for all you Canadians and let you know 100% as soon as I can.

I just want to say how happy I am to see this finally here.


I bought the reader initially thinking this was going to be an out-of-box feature and was hugely disappointed when it wasn't. Flash for $100 is useless for my business, our average transaction is usually at least 3x that amount, so we've only been using it for cc payments and many of our customers (and their request, actually) have been using e-transfer. Now I can accept debit normally, so awesome.


I just wanted to say thanks because I know people always post when there's a problem but rarely when things are good and this feature I've been waiting for since Square was a thing.. so about 10 years now I guess.. You've made every person in Canada who uses Square very happy.

Square Community Moderator

@ForbiddenEra - you are so kind for taking the time to share your excitement. Trust me when I say that we are just as excited! This was our #1 request from Canadian sellers, and we are so glad that we could finally bring it to fruition! 


Keep on doing great things and we will do what we can to keep supporting and improving your experience 😇


Thanks again!

It now excepts PIN number transactions?? 

Square Community Moderator

@-william6morr9- That is correct! Canadian Merchants can now accept all forms of Debit/Interac and PIN payments.


You can always learn more about the recent changes from our Canadian Seller site. 

AWESOMMMMMMME!  I can't tell you how happy I am!  Never use Debit....My average purchase at LEAST twice that amount. Thanks SQUARE....:)