Free Square plugin now available for WooCommerce
Free Square plugin now available for WooCommerce

WooCommerce integrated Square’s Transactions, Catalog, and Inventory APIs in one easy-to-install extension to make selling online and in-person simpler.


For developers who manage WordPress or WooCommerce sites for clients: we wanted to make sure you saw that the Square extension for WooCommerce is now available to install for free. This has been a top request from sellers and developers alike, and we’re excited it’s now a reality.


The extension, which was previously available for $79/year, has been instrumental for businesses that sell both online and in-person, like Maryland-based Candles Off Main. “Using Square in-store and online has made running my business simpler: one provider, one set of reports, and automatic inventory syncing with my WooCommerce store,” owner Michael Waldon shared with our Product team.


WooCommerce achieved this by integrating with Square’s Transactions APIand payment form, Catalog API, and Inventory API. Since everything is pre-built, the implementation process is quick — just download and configure the extension per the documentation.


The extension is available in the WooCommerce Extension Library here.