Improved checkout flow for Canadian sellers who accept tips on Square Register

Hey Seller Community,


Beginning August 23rd, we are rolling out a software update that will improve Square Register’s checkout flow for sellers that have enabled “tipping”. 


These software updates will only impact sellers using Square Register with tipping enabled. We created these updates based on overwhelming feedback from Canadian sellers who preferred a checkout flow that was more reflective of local norms where customers confirm their total, add a tip, and then pay. 


Most notably, you will no longer need to manually enable contactless payments after selecting “Charge.” Instead, your customers will be guided directly to confirm their total, enter their tip, and then pay by tap, insert or swipe  — all without any additional actions from you or your staff. Your checkout will be more efficient and intuitive for everyone involved. 


To automatically receive this and future software updates, ensure your Register is on and plugged into a power source overnight. 


We hope this update proves useful for your business - let us know in the comments below 🙂


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Is this any different than the checkout flow on the Terminal? I really really want the tip screen to be optional because we use the Terminal for dine in and takeout customers. And takeout customers hate seeing the tip screen.

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Square Community Moderator

I believe what you're looking for is a different feature @MicSchill. I recommend you submit a Feature Request here. This will help our product team get visibility and track other Sellers with similar interest in your request. 


Important: When submitting a request, make sure to include the desired feature, and provide the details of how this feature will help your business succeed (how would you use it and what you expect from it).

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