[Improvement] Customer Insights

Hi Sellers! 👋


We’re excited to showcase our new and improved Customer Insights report. Now you can see powerful insights into your customer’s visit habits in order to make more informed business decisions.


What’s new?

We’ve redesigned the entire report with new graphs and summary metrics, so you can view important data points at a glance. We’ve also added new filters so you can further dig into information on segments of customers.


The topline breakdown includes total customer visits, total amount spent, average spend per customer, and average visit per customer. New filters include date, location, channel, and customer group filters. This report will save you time as you look to better understand your business and get to know your new vs. returning customers.


Get to know your customers 

Discover how much your customers spend on average, new vs. returning customers, average visits, loyalty information, and more. Then break down these metrics by a multitude of filters, like date, location, channel, and customer group.


Understand your Business

Understand customer trends by looking into specific attributes. Determine which customers are spending the most, what’s driving purchasing behavior (i.e. are more customers purchasing online vs. in-store), who your most loyal customers are, how often they’re visiting, and where they are purchasing. 

Learn more about how to use Customer Insights and specific definitions. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. We value your continued partnership and are always here to help.


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