Introducing: A New Way to File Feature Requests on the Seller Community

Hello Seller Community! 👋


I’m excited to share a new change in the Community to the Feature Request experience, which is now called Ideate. Aside from bringing this space visually in sync with the rest of the Community, it also includes some functional differences. We hope these changes will make sharing and tracking feature requests easier for those providing feedback (our Square sellers) and those receiving it (our Product teams).


What is a feature request? A feature request is your opportunity to share improvements you'd like to see on Square! Read more about Feature Requests and the role the play on Seller Community here.


What’s coming?

Now, when you click Ideate to submit a feature request, you can choose which product your request is for, and search the existing requests for this product.


Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 10.52.24 am.png



If you find your feature request idea, click on the request title, hit the green LIKE button and reply to the thread with your use case. Use case information helps us understand your business needs and identify any gaps we have not been aware of. 


If you don’t find your idea, you can submit a new one. Please make sure to include:

  • Request details
  • Product/feature use case - how would you use this feature at your business?
  • Screenshots or videos if applicable (make sure to hide any private business information!)

I have submitted a feature request previously — what will happen to it?

In the coming days, our Community Managers and Moderators will be reviewing existing Feature Requests to make sure they are moved to the correct Product board, so you will not lose any existing feature request. 


Happy exploring!

Square, Australia
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How about a section where users can describe their experience in the use and configuration of Square/Other devices along with how any issues were overcome.

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