Itemized Refunds in Dashboard

You can now issue refunds and process returns for specific items in a sale directly from your online Square Dashboard, not just the Square app.




To process an itemized refund from your dashboard:


1. Visit Transactions in your online Square Dashboard.
2. Select the payment you'd like to refund > Issue Refund.
3. Select the specific items you’d like to refund.
4. Select a reason for the refund. Reasons for a refund can be selected at the item level and for the entire sale.
5. Click Issue Refund.

When issuing an itemized refund, the amount being refunded will reflect any applicable taxes and discounts for the selected item(s).

Learn more about processing refunds in our Support Center.


Note: This feature is currently being rolled out in Australia and is due to be available on all Australian accounts by Friday August 16th.