[Loyalty] Customers can easily redeem rewards after transaction starts in checkout flow (iOS only)



We want to make it easier for your customers to redeem their Loyalty rewards when they are checking out at your business from the POS. This will be on iOS devices only to start. Make sure you update to the latest app version to get access to this feature. 






Now, customers that are enrolled in your Square Loyalty program and have rewards available will be able to easily redeem rewards during the checkout flow. When they pay with a card, a new rewards redemption screen will prompt in the Square app giving your customer the option to use their points to redeem available reward(s) to the transaction before it is complete.


Watch a video on how the rewards redemption screen works during checkout.






Below is a step by step on how the rewards redemption screen works:


  1. In the Point of Sale app on iOS, ring up the sale and tap the blue Charge button
  2. Have your customer pay by card.
  3. If the customer has an available reward, let them select which rewards they would like applied to their purchase from the rewards redemption screen by tapping +/ Redeem. The reward will automatically be applied and discounted from the sale.
  4. If the customer qualifies for multiple rewards, they can keep selecting available rewards and applying them towards the sale.
  5. Tap Done in the upper right corner of the Rewards Redemption screen and complete the transaction.



Note: The rewards redemption screen will only be shown if your customer pays with a card already connected to their Loyalty account. If the customer is paying with a new card, this screen will not show up and their available rewards can be redeemed by tapping Redeem Rewards from the Item Library.


Should you ever need to turn the screen off, you can do so from Settings > Loyalty > Toggle reward redemption screen off in the app.



Please share any feedback or questions you may have!



how can we turn OFF the ability to redeem multiple rewards in one transaction. I don't see that in settings - am I missing it? Thx 




Sorry to say that we cannot limit the ability to add multiple discount. You can limit this permission by using Team Permissions to apply discounts to a sale. 


That would be the best way to guarantee your employees are not applying additional disputes to sales where you are only allowing one. We usually suggest putting up a sign or notice too that says, "One discount per customer," or whatever your policy is to avoid confusion.

Ok, thanks for the info. This is too bad - we may have to stop using Square's loyalty. Our discounts have gone through the roof, it's not sustainable. 




Sorry to hear that. Are you using a management code to make sure it's only being applied with permission?

Does this work in the Square for Retail app as well?




This is also a Feature Request for Square for Retail at this time. 

When will this be available for Square Register?


Hi @MoniJ


There's no timeline to give at this time but keep your eyes peeled on the Community for updates.



What does "Feature Request" mean, realistically? Is it something you're actually working on, or is it just sitting in a queue of possible additions? It's really frustrating to spend $75 minimum each month on a system that is so incredibly inefficient.


@Trish_Yarn Hi there!


Here's a helpful article from the Community on feature requests and how they work


It gives you a deeper dive on how they work and the process they go through. Hope this provides more clarity for you!




Actually wanted to come back to this thread with a Product update for you.


This request has just gone live on Square for Retail. So in this case, this Feature Request is something we were able to roll out quickly. Some products do take longer than others. 

Let me know if you have any additional feedback we can share with the team now that is rolled out for Square for Retail.