Minimize Contact with Your Square Loyalty Program

Right now, customer safety is critical to building a loyal customer base— and that’s where we can help. Whether you’re operating in person, online, or somewhere in between, here are a few tips on how to minimize contact with your Square Loyalty program:


  • Contactless enrollment: Share your Loyalty Status Page link with customers via email, social media, or in-store to allow them to enroll in your program from their own device. (Note: Your Loyalty Status Page link can be found in the Promotions tab of your Loyalty Dashboard.)


  • Points via POS:  Use your POS to let your customers earn and redeem points without having to touch a screen. Simply navigate to "Add customer" or use the Redeem Rewards shortcut in your item library. 


  • Loyalty online: Customers can enroll, earn, and redeem points when they shop online. Sellers with both Square Online and Loyalty will automatically offer Loyalty online. 

Try out Square Loyalty for free, or learn more about what it can do for you by visiting our Support Centre.


Beta Member

Are the tiers not available in Canada? Signed up to the trial but can't see this option

Why wouldn't Canada have access to the tiered program? If it's programmed and working in the US....

It would be nice to feel like we get the same service for our fees as our neighbors to the south.


@BonVivantYVR @cpersson Helen here from the Community team at Square. I'm sorry for the confusion here - you should be able to set up a tiered reward program from the Loyalty section of your online Square Dashboard: Click Create a New Reward > enter the details of the reward (Reward Value, Discount) > in the Reward Name section, enter the name of your tier (e.g. Tier 1).


If you're not able to add tiers following these steps can you reply here to let me know what you're seeing on your Dashboard when you try to add a new reward? Thanks for brining this to our attention!


Beta Member

@Helen So it would have to be redeemed in order for a customer to reach the next tier? Ie. if they need to reach 1000 points to reach tier 1, their points would go back to 0 once they "redeem" this? I also can't find where to add in expiration for points.

Thank you!


@cpersson When you set up a multi-tiered program your customs can either claim a reward when the reach a particular tier (if they do this their points will revert to 0), or they can keep earning points to reach another, higher tier.


This article has more information about modifying points expiration. But here's a quick overview of the steps: From the Loyalty section of your Dashboard navigate to (Loyalty) Settings > Scroll down to Earning Points > and you'll see a line for Expiration > click Edit on the right-hand side of your screen to change how long the points will last before they expire. 

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