New: Create Projects with Square Invoices Plus
New: Create Projects with Square Invoices Plus

Hi Seller Community!

We launched a new workflow organizational tool with Square Invoice Plus, which will unlock the ability to create Projects for group invoices, estimates, contracts, and recurring invoices. You'll save time by organizing your project digital files with Project folders, allowing you to keep track of everything happening in one workspace — all from the online Square Dashboard.



We're continuing to iterate on this feature, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below and keep watch for further updates.


With this product release, you can:

  • Add an existing contract, estimate, invoice, or recurring series.
  • Add notes about the project.
  • Manage project start and end dates.


For an illustration and step-by-steps on getting this set up, visit our Support Center: Create Projects with Square Invoices Plus.