New: Create custom attributes on Catalog items for easier search and filtering

Hello Seller Community!


You can now create your own custom attributes to add to items and variations. To get started:  navigate to Items > Custom Attributes in your Square Dashboard and then click Create custom attribute. Simply give the new attribute a name and select the preferred data format among the following options:


  • Text – free-form text entry, useful for open-ended use cases
  • Selection – allows merchants to define a set of options to select from, and if one or more may be selected
  • Number – capture a single number, and limit the precision (0.00 for example)
  • Toggle – a binary selection to simply capture “true” or “false”


Once saved, the new attribute can be added to any item or variation. You can create up to 10 custom attributes. 





Custom Attributes can make searching and managing an item library much easier. From your Item Library, select Filter by, and choose which attribute to filter on. In the box that appears below, select the field data to filter for. Only items with those attributes and selected data will appear in the list.




We look forward to seeing the creative ways you use these attributes! Learn more about this new feature in our Support Center, and please share your feedback on ways we can make item management easier for you.

Super Seller

@Helen This is super cool and interesting!


So this is back end for managing the Inventory, or for more options for selling/ringing up the items?

Would it act as a sort of Tagging feature and another way to search and sort items?

This is a huge feature for folks who have been asking for a way to include the Manufacturers/Brands of items, and for service providers, and so many other features! Amazing!


Thanks @Pesso! You are correct, this feature is available on the back end only and yes you can sort and filter items with custom attributes. The example in the Support Center article is also useful to keep in mind:


"For example, a business that sells wine may want to store information such as VintageOrigin, and Tasting Notes. Not only can using this information with Custom Attributes be used to help run the business, but it will allow a one-stop shop for managing item information."


Hope this helps clarify!

Super Seller

Awesome! Thanks for the clarification @Helen !

This is absolutely huge and really takes organizing item libraries up a huge next level!

Beta Member

This is quite welcome. Any chance that we might be able to specify whether or not Custom Attributes print to POS printers in the future?


Hi @JohnnySpag, while not possible today, we look forward to bringing Custom Attribute management to the POS (currently on Dashboard only). 


The ability to choose which attributes prints is a really interesting idea. I'd be interested to hear an example of how a printable attribute may be used, and can share more with the team!

Beta Member

The most notable example for us would be wine bin numbers. We use them extensively. They NEED to print on order tickets, but we'd strongly prefer that our customers not see them. 

It would be extremely helpful to be able to EXPORT the item list with these custom attributes in the excel...



Beta Member

Love the custom attribute feature but I am finding it incredibly frustrating that we cannot export those fields into Excel. Please add this ability!


Thanks, @JohnnySpag! It sounds like you'd like to use the wine bin numbers to help in preparing the order, but as you said, that bin number is not important for your customer. Does each "Item" in your catalog have a unique bin number, or is the bin number selected at the point of sale?


@TGPH@OverlandM thanks for the feedback! Could you share how you'd use custom attribute data on exports? And are you referring to exporting your item library, sales data, or both? 

Being able to export custom info to a spread would allow me to use that information in a data merge on physical price cards or tasting notes for customers...


any chance this could be implemented?

Really need custom attributes to be able to be exported - ie - i am in sports related products, would love to use my inventory spreadsheets that have team, player, year, product type, etc... to import / export.  Could never manage this outside of my spreadsheet - too many items and too much work.  enter data, click, wait, enter data click, wait doesn't work for thousands of items.


@chriscards thanks for the feedback! It's great to hear you'd like to store this information in your Square Catalog, but I agree the absence of import/export could make the process tedious if you have a lot of items to update. We have a number of updates to Custom Attributes on the roadmap, so please keep an eye out for more. 

This potential of this feature is great, and I look forward to seeing it develop. However, in its current implementation, configuring this feature for 3,000 items is painful. Why? Because you have to click NINE (9) times to use it for each item! 

CLICK the Item

CLICK Add custom attribute

CLICK the Attribute name field

CLICK the Attribute itself

CLICK the Value field

CLICK the exact Value





We could get this down to FOUR (4) clicks:

CLICK the Item which automatically displays a list of Attributes

CLICK the Attribute or add a new one

CLICK the Value or add a new one



Please simplify this process quickly; there is no reason that this cannot be as simple as I've laid-out above.

We also need access to this feature in Reports > Item Sales (and similar places).


Additionally, Custom Attribute selections should be visible in the Dashboard tables, no need to open an Item to see if an Item has had an Custom Attribute added.

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