[New] Customize Your Idle Screen Imagery on Square Terminal

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You can now capture your customers’ attention and showcase your brand through a series of rotating images on Square Terminal. Easily add your business name, logo, and any information you want your customers to see, which can be changed at any time. This new feature is just one more way we’re helping your business build trust with your customers.




With this new feature, you can display different images that are size and pixel-appropriate for Connected Terminal devices.


To upload your imagery: 

  1. From Square Dashboard, go to Account & Settings > Businesses information > Locations 
  2. Scroll down to the Branding section and select Terminal Background 
  3. Upload your images (up to four) and Save.


To display your imagery: 

  1. Sign in to the connected Square Terminal, and from the menu, tap Settings > Hardware > Display.
  2. Toggle on ‘Show business name’ to display the location’s business name.
  3. Toggle on ‘Show image’ to display the images you uploaded.
  4. Use the slider at the bottom to select how long each image will display before transitioning to the next image.


These images will only appear on your Square Terminal when it’s connected as a buyer-facing display to Virtual Terminal, Square Point of Sale, Square for Retail, or Square for Restaurants.


Let us know if you have any questions about how to customize your customer display, or visit our Support Center. For anyone using Square Connected Terminal, show us your setup with pictures in the comments.

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Hey @Bea_.  Just pointing out that I think this sentence should also include Square for Restaurants. At least it works on mine, I think!


These images will only appear on your Square Terminal when it’s connected as a buyer-facing display to Virtual Terminal, Square Point of Sale, or Square for Retail.


If my answer resolves your issue, please take a minute to mark it as Best Answer. That helps people who find this thread in the future.

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Hi @TheRealChipA! Thanks so much for catching that - we made an edit to the post. We appreciate the extra eyes! 😊 

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Will this be coming to the customer screen on Square Registers?

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same question as @tylerwood curious to hear of a rotating image is possible on Register customer facing screen. 

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Hi Bea,

If signed in to the Terminal, my Display setting does not show the option for Show Business Name or Show Image. The only setting it shows is Turn Off Display in 1 Minute/5Minute/10 Minute. I have fully updated my device, tried the factory reset twice, it does not show this setting.


If connected with a device code as your How To article instructs, the device will not show menu screens at all, stuck permanently on a black Powered By Square page. How are we supposed to implement this option? 

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Hi @humanoidtyphoon ! I think I can add insight here…


Terminal is now capable of running in two modes: regular POS (which includes the base POS and Restaurants) and Connected Terminal.  I’m assuming you’re talking about the terminal in Connected Mode, because the customization talked about in this thread only applies to Connected Mode. 

When you’re on the black Powered by Square screen, you should be able to swipe left to right to bring up the menu bar. Under settings is where you should find the business name and image toggles. Setting the terminal idle screens is only available from the web dashboard. 

If you’re not seeing the business name toggles, my bet is that your terminal is running on an older version of the software. Leave your device powered on and on a WiFi network overnight so it can load the latest version of the software. 

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Thank you SO much. This reply was more help than 4 chat logs, 2 phone calls to Hardware Support, and every other help article in this forum. 


Can these additional instructions PLEASE be added to the main article??? 


Thank you for the help.

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