[New] Itemized Subscriptions and Configurable Tip Amounts for Payment Links

Hi Sellers! 👋 We’ve made some updates to Square Online Checkout payment links over the past few weeks to help drive recurring revenue and improve the tipping experience.


Generate recurring revenue with itemized subscriptions 

You can now accept weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments for items in your catalog from multiple customers with a single payment link.  Learn more →


This update also enables you to:

  • Apply discounts to items sold via subscriptions on payment links
  • Apply auto sales tax to item subscriptions solid via payment links
  • Allow buyers to purchase item subscriptions with shipping fulfillment 


How it works: You can sell an item with a subscription through Square Online Checkout. From Subscriptions in Dashboard, add a checkout link to a plan. The checkout link is then available on the Square Online Checkout dashboard, where you can preview the link for the subscribable item. Learn more about how to create subscriptions in your Square Dashboard.


Subscription checkout link creation flow for merchants





Buyers purchasing flow for subscription checkout links




Configurable default tip amounts

Configure the default tip amount that appears on your payment links, so you can offer tipping options that make the most sense for your service or product. Learn more →


This new setting will allow you to:

  • Choose between either Smart Tips or Percentage Tips
  • Adjust Percentage Tips preselected amounts
  • Adjust default tip applied for Percentage Tips or Smart Tips. Default can also be no tip.


How it works: You can set up payment link tip options and amounts for a specific location from Online Checkout in Dashboard. Under General Settings, you can update tip options to select Smart tips or Percentage tips. Then to accept tips on a payment link, go to Advanced Settings when you’re creating a new payment link and check the box to Enable tipping. Learn more about how to set up tipping for Online Checkout.






Need more help with payment links? Check out Square Online Checkout FAQs.

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