New: KDS Basic Expeditor Station - and Launchpad & All Day Counts
New: KDS Basic Expeditor Station - and Launchpad & All Day Counts



We’re happy to announce that All Day Counts are available with Square KDS, and you can now select between two Square KDS device types: Prep or Expeditor (Expo). These new features will help you to save time and money by ensuring kitchen orders are prepared and delivered efficiently and correctly. Read on to learn more!


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What is Square KDS?

Square KDS is a kitchen display system that connects with Square for Restaurants, Square Point of Sale, Square Online, and online ordering and delivery platforms. It is available as part of the Square for Restaurants Plus Subscription. 


Prep stations have the ability to view all orders, clear items/tickets, recall tickets, and view All Day counts. 


Expeditor stations or Expo stations have the same abilities as Prep stations, as well as the ability to see items and tickets that were marked as complete by other Prep stations. In addition, Expeditor stations have the ability to recall completed tickets back to just the Expeditor station(s) or both the Expeditor and Prep station(s).


Launchpad + All Day Counts

‘All Day’ refers to a count of a particular item across all tickets in the queue that require preparation. This is used in kitchens where there are many shared items across orders and speeds up kitchen efficiency as it enables the prep stations to quickly identify how much of a given item they need to be prepping at the same time. 


You can navigate to launchpad in Square KDS to edit settings and view All Day item counts for tickets in the Live View on the KDS.



  • The Square KDS app is only available on iPad devices with iOS 13+.
  • Square KDS requires an internet connection to receive tickets.
  • Order tickets sent to Square KDS can also be printed from the Point of Sale in case you need a physical copy.

Learn more about KDS Basic Expeditor in our Support Center