New: Let your clients book multi-staff appointments
New: Let your clients book multi-staff appointments

Seller and buyer interactions are complex, we know this. But today we're officially launching the ability to allow Appointments sellers to utilize two key functions to create a better booking experience.


With Multi-Staff Appointments you can now: 


  • Book out multiple employees on a single appointment, with payment via a single transaction
  • Square will automatically and proportionately split the tip when a buyer pays for a multi-staff appointment.
  • Provide a display of multi-staff appointments on your individual calendar (I only see my portion)
  • Updates your notifications to include all staff names for a multi-staff appointment


When and where is it launching?

We're excited that this is live in the US, CA, UK, and AU


Appointment with one service and provider selected (Eileen) - Add a service



Click on staff to see drop-down list



Select Staff member who will provide the service




Appointment with two services and providers selected





Learn more about this feature in our Support Center.



Square Beta would like to thank all of our testers that has helped us to make this release possible. To get involved with the next improvements to Square Appointments, please join our Beta Community and get involved in our Appointments group.