New: Live Sales Reports in Dashboard

Hi Sellers!


The team at Square is always trying to make things easier on restaurant managers and owners when it comes to making staffing and menu decisions on the fly. We know you’re looking for data at your fingertips to help you understand how the business is doing in real time. Well, I’ve got some great news to share


With Square for Restaurants, you can now access your live sales data no matter where you are. Starting today you can get your Dashboard reports from your phone, tablet or computer. That means you can plan your day without having to visit the location, or without calling whoever’s on shift to run the numbers. Not only that, but you can monitor live sales from a different location and easily know when to send a server home early. 


Until recently, the only way to see those live sales numbers was to view the reports in the POS in the restaurant. And anyone who works in this industry knows, it’s impossible for managers and owners to be in the restaurant at all times. Many of you are managing multiple locations and hey, once in a while you might just want to step away to spend some time with family and friends. 


Well, now the data you need comes to you whenever and wherever you need it. You can filter Dashboard reports so that you’re viewing data related to closed checks, open checks, or all checks. This is most important for full service restaurants where it’s common to have many open tickets. This feature is available to everyone using Square for Restaurants at no additional charge. 






You can learn more about this here.

Product Manager, Square
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