New: Manually deposit money into your bank account

Hi Seller Community,


We’re excited to introduce another option for transferring your money from Square to your bank account: manual deposits. This means your money will be available in your Square balance instead of automatically being transferred to your bank account on a nightly basis. When you decide to manually transfer your money, it’ll arrive in your bank account the next business day—at no extra cost.


How to activate manual deposits:


  1. Go to Settings in your Dashboard or Square Point of Sale app.
  2. Select Deposits
  3. In the Deposit Schedule section, select Manual


Here’s how it looks in your Dashboard:





Here’s how it looks in the app:





Once you’ve activated manual deposits, here are your options for transferring money:

Standard transfer: Arrives the next business day for no additional fee.

Custom close of day: If your business has unique hours, you can customize the time you’d like transactions grouped for daily deposit. 


Learn more about your deposit options.


When using Manual transfer as described above, when you transfer the funds to the bank account, does it post as 1 single posting, or all of the individual postings? @Helen 


Hello @Kknebel!


When you use manual transfer your funds will be sent to your bank account as one deposit. If you need to see the individual card payments included in your transfer sign in to online Square Dashboard > click Balance > Transfer Reports.


Let me know if you have any other questions.