[New] New Hire Onboarding Beta

Hi sellers, 👋


We’re excited to announce the beta launch of our latest feature: new hire onboarding! This feature is currently available to sellers with a standalone subscription to Shifts Plus


With new-hire onboarding, you can:

  • Invite team members to self-onboard
    Empower your new hires to take the first steps in their onboarding process. They can review their profile, learn their POS passcode and upload relevant onboarding documents.

  • Collect onboarding documents from new hires
    Say goodbye to lost paperwork. Now you can collect onboarding documents from new hires, like copies of identification, signed employee handbooks or other agreements, and certifications.

  • Store documents digitally
    Keep all your onboarding documents easily accessible. Any files uploaded during onboarding will be stored in the team member’s profile in your Square Dashboard, so you can find what you need when you need it.

As a valued member of the Square community, we would like to invite you to start testing this feature. Your feedback will be instrumental in refining new-hire onboarding to better suit your needs.


To start testing, go to your Square Dashboard. Then click StaffHR & complianceOnboarding. You can also visit our Support Center to learn more about how new-hire onboarding works. 


nho beta 1.png



Q: What is included in new-hire onboarding? 

A: Our initial version of new-hire onboarding enables you to send automated onboarding tasks to a new hire when you invite that new hire to your team. The first task we’re making available in the new-hire onboarding workflow is the ability to upload relevant onboarding documents like I-9 forms, copies of identification, certifications, etc.

Q: Can I share documents with team members through new-hire onboarding? 

A: Our initial version of new-hire onboarding does not yet support sending documents to your team members for review; however, we are working on this feature. 


Q: What kinds of documents should new hires upload?

A: New hires can upload any onboarding documents that are relevant to your business. Examples of onboarding documents include: copies of Form I-9 and identification, signed documents like employee handbooks, and certifications like food safety certifications or bartending licenses. 


nho beta 2.png



Q: Where are the documents that new hires upload stored? Who can see them? 

A: Any documents that a team member uploads are stored in the “Documents” section of the team member’s profile in Square Dashboard. Documents uploaded by the team member will be viewable by you as the business owner, as well as any team members with team member document permissions. Any documents uploaded through Square Dashboard (not by the team member themselves) will remain private to you and team members with team member documents permissions only.

Square Champion

This is fantastic! I'm looking forward to automated onboarding tasks for new hires. This will significantly streamline the onboarding process for us. 

Square Champion

This seems very cool! Excited to see what all this may continue to grow to be.

Square Champion

Very cool - we uploaded documents for the first time!! No more lost contracts and handbooks.

Square Champion

This would help reduce so much paperwork.  Currently all new hires read and sign their service agreements and W9 tax information.  Then I upload the copy...if I could just do this electronically...lifesaver.  I checked it out but currently do not have the feature on my dashboard...ugh (so sad lol)

Square Champion

I cant seem to find this feature within my current settings.


Hi @Stacelyn24 and @jjsmeatshak1 - this feature currently requires a standalone subscription to Shifts Plus—it is not included with other Square subscriptions that bundle some Shifts features. Please let me know if you do have Shifts Plus standalone and think there may be an error.




Square Champion

@kathyz Just looking for this beta feature, should have it with the teams plus but not sure.  🙂

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