[New] Purchase Shipping Labels from Square Dashboard

Hi Sellers! 👋


As a follow up to our launch of managing shipments in Square Dashboard, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added the ability to purchase shipping labels directly within Dashboard for US Sellers! We’ve partnered with Shippo to give you the ability to create a free Shippo account and be able to purchase shipping labels directly from eligible carriers within Dashboard. This update is currently only available to US sellers and we plan on having support in more regions soon.


This update can also help you:

  • Purchase discounted shipping labels versus retail pricing 

  • Manage all shipping orders without having to leave Square

  • Add shipping insurance and signature confirmation to orders  



For this launch, we’ll have two different ways for you to purchase shipping labels


  1. Use the standard shipping rates - sign in through Shippo we’ll have support for USPS right away. 

  2. Use your own personal carrier rates - bring your negotiated rates from UPS or FedEx by signing in directly with those carrier accounts


We’ll be expanding the number of carriers for both the standard shipping rates and the personal carrier rates over the next couple of months and stay tuned for more information.    




What do I need to do to get started?

Create a new Shippo account for free or connect to your existing Shippo account in the fulfillment settings

Where can I purchase shipping labels?

All Shipping orders can be found on the Shipments page within Dashboard. Once you select an order from there, you will see the option to purchase a label.

I already purchase shipping labels through Square Online. Do I need to do anything else?

You’ll need to go through the process of re-connecting your account in the fulfillment settings. Through that process, you’ll also verify all of your other shipping settings (carriers, fulfillment locations, shipping boxes, etc). Reconnecting your Shippo account will not have any changes to existing shipping settings within Square.

Which shipping carriers are supported?

We currently have support to purchase USPS labels through our Shippo integration. We plan on adding additional carriers at a later date. To ship with UPS and/or FedEx, you’ll need to sign in directly with those carriers at this time.

Can I use my own negotiated rates from carriers?

Yes, you can add your own personal carrier accounts from FedEx or UPS. This can be added via the carriers settings page and will not affect any other connections you might already have within Square. 

Which orders am I able to purchase a shipping label?

Any orders created in Square Online or orders from the Square for Retail POS or Square Point of Sale that have been flagged as a shipping fulfillment type can have a shipping label purchased. We plan on supporting Square invoices for shipping labels soon.  

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments section below and check out the Square Support articles for more information.  


Connect Your Shippo Account to Square 

Create and Purchase Shipping Labels in Square Dashboard


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Super Seller

I used this yesterday and it made things so much easier.  It was great not having to login to another platform and then make sure everything matched.  Super happy about this update.


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Super Seller

I loved it. So much easier 

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Where did international first-class shipping option go? Now I only see priority and express. Not acceptable.

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Hi @liudr - I just tested an international shipment in my account and I did have an International First Class shipping option from USPS listed. 


Can you verify that your trying to ship to a supported country and the shipment your sending meets the weight, size and shape requirements by USPS? Let us know if it's still not populating for you and I can have our engineering team look into the issue.

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I can check later today but yea to all your questions. It's less than 10oz and going to a supposed country that I have shipped to in the past via square linked to shippo.

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Beta Member

Thank you for this wonderful feature announcement @mkochanowski 


Creating and connecting a Shippo account was a breeze using the help doc steps.

We look forward to the Invoices rollout as well.


Is it possible for customers to select signature confirmation and/or additional insurance (extra fees) which would be auto-calculated during Square Online checkout flow?


Many thanks for your continued support.

Susan J.
Square Online seller, website designer and artist
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By breeze you mean you have to hand calculate the package in pounds because there's no "oz" option to just enter say 5 oz? I agree that having the option of laser printer vs. thermal printer is useful and wasn't present in the old system (not that I know of). That was a domestic package. What I was complaining is intl. packages missing first-class for packages less than 10oz.

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