New: Scan Gift Cards at Checkout
New: Scan Gift Cards at Checkout

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Hello Seller Community! 


It's now easier than ever to check out customers with physical gift cards.


As of today, when you order custom Square Gift Cards and Quick Cards they will include printed QR codes and barcodes on the backs of the cards that you can scan for fast checkout on your iOS device. 


Bonus  Your customers can also scan the QR code on the back of the card with their own mobile device to check their gift card balance online!


To redeem customers gift cards at checkout with the Square app on iOS:


  1. Go to Checkout > add the items your customer wishes to purchase from your library or enter a custom amount.
  2. Tap Charge > scan the back of the gift card with your compatible connected barcode scanner or take a photo of the QR code with your device’s camera. 

As always, you can also swipe the card's magnetic stripe or manually enter in the gift card number during checkout to redeem it.


Note: If scanning a gift card QR code, please ensure to enable your device’s camera. 


Redeeming gift card balances via QR code or a barcode scanner is only available on iOS devices at this time. We will update you when this feature is available on other devices using the Square app.


To order new custom gift cards for your business, visit your online Square Dashboard.